Privacy Policy

We understand the importance of maintaining user privacy and confidentiality and remain ever committed to helping our users feel safe on our website. To understand how we do this, we have fashioned this privacy policy to describe how we use your private information that we gain access to when you use our website.

Your use of the Zayaalis website and its services means that you agree to the way we use, share, disclose, store, and safeguard your information when you use our services. Your use also means that you consent to be legally bound by the terms of this Privacy Policy. If you are not in complete agreement with our privacy notice/policy, you must stop using the service and exit this website immediately. 

We may sometimes review this Privacy Policy and will always post the last updated date on the top portion of this page.

Your continued use of the Zayaalis website after such changes are made indicates your continued approval of our privacy policy. 


It is our policy to only collect the personal information needed to receive/complete a donation and meet our obligations to you. This may include 

Personally identifiable info: This includes your full name, e-mail address, physical address, business name and address (if applicable), and phone number. The common thing about these kinds of information is that they are voluntarily provided by you.

Billing/banking information: As ours is a payment platform, we will collect billing information from donors in order to facilitate their donations. For one-time donors, we may not save your billing details. For donors who have registered on the website, however, we may save your billing details in order to ensure the ease of payments in subsequent donations. We will also collect banking and Stripe information from receiving organizations in order to facilitate their receipt of donations.

Other important information: As per your specific use of our service, we may require other important information from you. For example, we may require donors who are using our Gift Aid button to provide us with their tax IDs. We may also ask receiving organizations to provide us with proofs of their licenses/approvals to operate in the manner in which they do.

Information that we collect via cookies and other technologies:We may use certain technologies to obtain information from your computer about what actions you take when you visit our website. The information we collect this way is not voluntarily provided by you but does not personally identify you. We use aggregated data from customer usage to optimize our experience.


We will only use the information that we collect about you, whether voluntarily-given or otherwise in the following ways:

We will use your information to deliver our services to you. This means that we will use this to deliver donations to receiving organizations and to receive donations on their behalf from givers.

If you have agreed to be so informed, we may use your information to inform you about services and/or events that may interest you.

We may use your information to provide administration and IT services, to ensure network security and to grow our business.

We may use your information to continually appraise, and constantly improve our website and its services; to bring to your immediate notice important changes to our website and services; to customize your experience; to troubleshoot problems; to resolve disputes; and to protect ourselves and other users against error, fraud and/or other criminal activities.

You understand that you do not have to provide all of the information we request, but if you do not provide certain information, we will only be able to provide limited services to you.


We may reveal your private information, including full name and contact address to any pre-approved service providers that deploy some services on our behalf. These are:

Third parties whom we allow to place ads on our websites may, in some cases, use tracking technologies like cookies to gather information about users who view their ads. If you view their ads, your general information may be collected by them, but be assured that our website does not disclose any personal detail to these third parties. 

We may choose to release details of your personal information to appropriate legal authorities and/ or government officials if mandated under law to do so in reply to a subpoena, an investigative demand, or a court order. 

Following your permission, we may also share your information with third parties with whom you choose to let us share information. 

For donors, we may use your information to allow organizations to have visibility of the donations made to them so they can track the total donations (in an anonymous form, unless you provide appropriate permissions). Where you provide appropriate permissions, we may also use your information to allow the receiving organization to provide you with more details about their activities; and/or contact you to pass on a thank you message. 

We may reveal your information to the following categories of recipients; employees of Zayaalis; and banks and payment providers – to authorize and complete payment transactions.

We do not sell or offer for sale, transfer, or give any of our users’ private information to any third party under any circumstance. Specifically, we do not send out marketing communications to you through any medium without your explicit consent by opting in via a checkbox.


Some of the recipients of your information may be located outside of the EU. In this case, we will only disclose your data to recipients in countries that provide an adequate level of data protection according to a decision by the European Commission; or to recipients in the US who are certified according to the EU-US Privacy Shield Framework approved by the European Commission; and only if we have taken measures to ensure that the recipients provide an adequate level of data protection. For example, in such case, we may use standard contractual data protection clauses approved by the European Commission.


Our use of cookies helps us to automatically gather information about your online activities on our website, such as pages viewed by you, the links opened by you, and the searches you carried out on our website. You may, however, deny the use of cookies through your web browser, but you do this understanding that this may not allow you to enjoy the unique services that we offer.

We also use Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and Facebook Pixel so that we can better understand our customers, and use the business insights gathered through our use of the Analytics to improve our content and services delivery.


Controlling your private information/data: You have all rights to correct and update your private information in our records if you believe that it is erroneous or if it has been deleted. You may also place limitations on the manner in which we process your information. You have all rights to instruct Zayaalis not to use or process your private information/data in certain circumstances, i.e., for advertising and marketing purposes. You have all the right to withdraw your agreement, where the processing of your private information is based on your consent. This is, however, subject to legal or contractual restrictions. 

How you can access your information: We want to ensure that your information that we hold is always accurate and up to date.  Whenever there are any material changes to your private information/data, please sign in to your account (if any) and edit your profile to reflect the changes, so that we can update our records.

Storage time: You understand and accept that we will maintain the information collected from you for commercially reasonable periods of time or as per specific policies, unless where proscribed by law.  Contact details such as your name, phone number, and e-mail address provided to us by you are stored in our database, and it is our policy to delete such within a three-month period after you have notified us that you no longer wish to use our services.


To maintain your trust, we do all that we can to ensure the security and confidentiality of your information. To prevent illegal access, ensure information accuracy, and the proper use of information, we deploy practical measures to secure your information. You, however, agree and admit that there is no total assurance of information security on the internet. As such, we will not be answerable for the unauthorized access to your information that is beyond our control.


We ask that you always visit this page to keep yourself updated as to our most current policy and practices. This is because our policies, including our privacy policy, are always changing, even as we try to deploy new services and implement new technology. Your continued use of the Zayaalis website after changes are uploaded means that you fully agree to comply with our new privacy policy.